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I should be over all the butterflies by RisingDiablo
I should be over all the butterflies
trying to design a senior yr theresa, not sure if im okay with this one tho....might do another with a different hairstyle. But like if i decide not to be lazy which i always am tbh haha also i just gave up on rando haha
fowlham the morning after by RisingDiablo
fowlham the morning after
haven;t colored in forever so sorry if it isnt as good as usual haha(also PS was being a jerk)

edit*I was accused of stealing this so i should point out that i used this amazing… as reference, sorry if i didn't make that clear.
Senior year Randy by RisingDiablo
Senior year Randy
im trying out this new art program called krita and it has made my sketching way more efficient.(but coloring on it is a drag)

welp anyway here's senior year randy, who seems to have had puberty hit him like a dump truck.
penn zero by RisingDiablo
penn zero
haha been a long while since i drew in my other style, it might not have come out as good as i wanted.

anyway a drawing of another cartoon i am enjoying, penn zero part time hero, also in dancing tights cuz in the latest episode we found out he is an excellent dancer.
Well I'm opening commissions once again, cuz i like the feeling of having money in my pocket instead of lint.

so i also have new info and bumped up the full colored pieces price, cuz i kinda need cash to help out my parent help build our new house :p (we finally get to move out of this danky apartment)

Guide lines:
  • No NSFW
  • you can choose it to be done in my style or the show/where it came from's style.(note i am mostly proficient in rc9gn style, but i can imitate other shows style's fairly decently.)
  • All characters ranging from any fandom to OC's are fine as long as you give me a reference
  • No backgrounds
  • If you have  specific pose in mind, pls provide a reference :)
Sketch-$5, Additional Characters +$5

Lineart-$10, Additional Characters +$10
lineart example by RisingDiablo

Colored-$20, Additional Characters +$20
lineart and colored example by RisingDiablo

For Specifics on your piece email me at
If possible message me here on deviantart to notify me that you've sent me a commission request to my gmail because i'm on deviantart more than i am on my gmail.

I am using my mothers paypal. The paypal is

{Important} regarding psayment:
also I've hear there are new requirements for paypal, and if we screw up with the payment I(and maybe you) will be fined $2000+ so please read this…
it explains what you need to do to avoid that, it simple.

I hope you all consider me when you want commissions and thanks again :D


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keenan moses p. acebedo

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DarknessAndMadness Featured By Owner 2 days ago
And how is that?
RisingDiablo Featured By Owner 2 days ago
it's okay.
DarknessAndMadness Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Even with TMM characters? More interesing?
DarknessAndMadness Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hello everyone, you wanna see what Fate will wait for Randy (by story maked by This user)?
anastasia-kunningham is cooperator.
8DrunkenImmortals Featured By Owner May 18, 2015
Hey RD, can I ask a favor?
RisingDiablo Featured By Owner May 19, 2015
that kinda depends on the favor
but ask and I'll think on it
8DrunkenImmortals Featured By Owner May 19, 2015
Well, I was planning on writing a fic and was wondering if you could do a cover for it.
RisingDiablo Featured By Owner May 20, 2015
hmm i don't really do requests tho. whats the fic about?
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Bafutok Featured By Owner May 14, 2015
If you reach the end RC9GN series and is an example, you are in depression or bitterness?

Note: do not misunderstand me.
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